In-vehicle powered subwoofer & full-range portable Bluetooth® speaker.

Διαθέσιμο κατόπιν παραγγελίας


Engineered for the ultimate sound experience

JBL Bass Pro Go is a powered subwoofer designed to easily mount & charge in any vehicle, augmenting the output of full-range speakers at the lowest frequencies, with quick disconnect features to become a portable Bluetooth speaker and keep the party on the go. With convenient and easy to use controls in or out of the vehicle, Bass Pro Go allows you to dial-in your music exactly the way you want to hear it. It also has a convenient safety cover to help protect the speaker when used out of the vehicle and to provide an IPx5 marine rating


   General Specifications
  • Max Power, Subwoofer Mode : 200W peak
  • Amplifier Power, Subwoofer Mode : 100Wrms
  • Frequency Response : 40Hz to 20kHz @ -3dB
  • Selectable Lo-Pass Filter, Subwoofer Mode : 80/100/120Hz
  • Bass Boost : 0dB to +6dB @ 45Hz
  • Input Sensitivity, Lo-Level : 400mV to 6V
  • Input Sensitivity, Hi-Level : 1V to 15V
  • Fuse Rating : 15A
  • Bluetooth Version 4.2 : Yes
  • USB 2.0 Charging : 5V (2.1A)
  • Battery Type : NiMH, 10.8V/3000mAH



Βάρος 2 kg